Artist Directory

Akin, JaneWatercolor and
Booth, CatherineColored Pencil and Mixed Media
Cruz, Victor
David, DanicaAcrylic and Mixed Media
Dariah, DwydaleClay and Watercolor
Fietze, Peter
Galloway, RaymondPhotography
Glengary, RasaOil and Watercolor
Hammad, JamilaArt Quilts and Mixed
Hanne, Angela
Hickok, JoycePhotography, Mixed Media and Sculpture
Jarvis, MatthewOil
Keith, ElizabethAcrylic and Watercolor
Kumpitch, Joan
May, MarilynWatercolor and Acrylic
McKay, ElisaMixed Media/
Mills, CoreyMixed Media
Morrison, ShaunaJewelry and Watercolor
Nelson, Victoria
Petachenko, DeePorcelain and Acrylic
Rickenbach, Leslie
Rasmussen, Hanne
Sims, Lawson
Sun, DebbieSilk Painting and Fabric
Sextius, TroyAirbrush
Thomas, EmyWatercolor
Tullis-Conn, PattiStained
Voyershark, LynAcrylic and
Webster, Vivia
Wilson, Lisa
Walker, NiarusOil and Mixed Media
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